Top 5 Reasons
  • Peer Interaction

    Unlimited opportunities to network with fellow real estate owners and managers both locally and nationally. Social events such as our annual golf tournament, as well as luncheons and educational seminars provide a great means to meet and discuss issues with associates as well as suppliers within your local community.

  • Access to Information
    Information is power! Access to research publications, seminars and educational programs offered by BOMI, and your local association are designated to keep you up to date and informed.
  • Legislative Advancements
    You will have a voice in industry related matters as BOMA NB is a leading industry voice with the government and other legislative bodies.
  • Local and National Exposure
    You will receive advertising opportunities specifically targeted at your market through advertising in our publications as well as sponsorship of our various events.
  • Awards and Recognition
    You will be eligible to receive many awards including the BOMA BESt Award, which recognizes outstanding building and management practices within the commercial industry.
  • The Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) New Brunswick is one of eleven federated locals that together form BOMA Canada, which represents over 2000 Canadian members in the industry and over 1.9 Billion square feet of office space.

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    Energy use can account for over 30 percent of a company's operating budget, while adding 20 percent to the nation's total greenhouse gas emissions.